Rewiring your house?

Rewiring your house?

Advice on rewiring your house

There is not really any set guidelines but the following guide from our guest electrician may indicate you need to consider rewiring your house:

  • Signs that the rubber encasing the wires has degraded
  • Lights stopped working or flicker
  • If the property has been flooded


If you are moving into an old property (40-50 years old) or extending a property and you would like to make sure its safe

How do I know how old the wiring is in the property?

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The following is a general guide:

  • Cables coated in black were phased out in the 60s
  • Cables coated in lead or fabric were installed before the 60s
  • A fusebox with a wooden back, cast iron switches or a mixture of fuse boxes were installed before the 60s
  • Wall-mounted light switches in bathrooms were installed before the 60s


What should I do before the rewiring starts?


Well, the great news is this will give you an opportunity to start with a blank page and design fixtures and fittings to meet your requirements. Make sure you do your research beforehand and have a clear idea of exactly what you want. Our electricians will be on hand to help you if you have any questions.

Packing away your items beforehand is a good idea. Rewiring can be a messy process and dust particles can get everywhere. Of course, we try and minimise the mess as best we can. On completion, we carry out a thorough clean up as well.

Make sure you look for a fully qualified Electrician

Rewiring your house

What to expect during the process?


Unfortunately, it is a messy invasive process and can take between 5-8 days. Our friendly electricians will be on hand to answer any questions during the process to ensure they have a clear understanding of your requirements.


Buying a new house? How can you tell when it was rewired?


You should be able to get a rough idea just by looking. Look at the age of the switches, sockets and fuse box. You can ask to look at this when viewing a property.


If there is an old style fuse box with a wooden base, with big ceramic style fuses or rewireable fuses then chances are it will need a complete rewiring.


Please contact us if you have any doubts and we can carry out a test.